The Cardinal of Marmaduke Abbey is an important story of mystery, magic and truth.  It shines light and healing on what I call “the bully path”.  After a year and half of research and interviews the characters in the CMA book, were inspired by amazing people and their stories.

At $24.95 it makes a perfect gift and valuable donation for  your local school, hospital or children’s organization.  A facilitator guide is included.





What has been sadly missing in our childhood education is offering children an opportunity to deal with emotions with a natural acceptance, rather than a fearful resistance. Letting go of feelings, once experienced, allows for a healthy flow through life, and a mature and loving approach to it, as witnessed in this lovely book by Diane Hoover.”

Karyn Klapecki,

MD Physician and internationally licensed instructor of the Sedona Method, Toronto, Canada

The stories of our children are most precious, and the story of Clark is one that will leave you inspired. The Cardinal of Marmaduke Abbey is an important teaching tool to help children understand issues around gender identity and the spirituality found within it.

Rachel Lauren Clark,

Award-winning activist, community volunteer, and inspiration for the character Clark in this book, Toronto, Canada

I am honored and lucky to have known Diane Hoover for over thirty years as a leadership development and life coach. Her journey in life has been one of exploration, healing, learning, and openness. Diane has intuitive empathy and the ability to help others. Her gentle guidance has led many on a path to positive appreciation and authentic living.

Jillinda Greene

Peer Leadership Coaching, Toronto, Canada

 Here’s a photo of Arif Virani MP presenting the Prime Minister of
Canada a copy of The Cardinal of Marmaduke Abbey